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The leader has arrived...

Believe it or not, the JCA does comprise of officers aside from Ginny, and I'm the leader of that bunch, Henry. I'll get (force) the other officers to post here on a some-what regular schedule too, so it won't just be me and Ginny talkin'.

Normally, I guess I would introduce myself and stuff, but LJ is being really slow right now, kind of annoying me. So I'll just give you guys a list of the officers for the '04-'05 school year.

President - Henry Kim (that is me if you haven't figured out by now)
Vice-President - Jeff Hardy
Treasurer - Virginia...something, I actually never call her by her last name, so I dunno. Just call her Ginny.
Secretary - Doormat...err...Edwin Hart
PR - Ethan Fox

Yea, those are the guys who are leading the JCA right now. Say hi to them or something at meetings.

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