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Hi all! TIme for a delurk!

I'm Onezumi. I'm the artist and creator behind the Webcomic. If you have gone to any anime con in the area, you probably know us. We do comics and host free tutorials for new artists. We also hold incentive contests for people to start thinking creatively. For example, we're giving away a custom pink iPod shuffle right now to one of our readers. Last contest was a fanart contest for a 30 gig external art storage drive.

What does this have to do with anything? I'm an old RUJCA member. I graduated from RU a bit ago, went on to work for Disney, and then formed my own art company. When I was at RU, I sadly didn't have much time to hang out. I was wondering if you still have a lot of fan artists in the club? I might be able to swing down there one day and demo some digital art stuff for you guys, or maybe set up some kind of fun event. I may be starting some kind of anime, art, and gaming event on campus soon, so that could be cool. I'm not looking to make money from any of this - I'd be willing to do it if people are willing to hang out and learn about the industry and how you can get in.
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