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Yo, now that LJ isn't moving at snail like speeds, I'll give you guys a brief introduction on myself.

My name is Henry Kim, and I'm a 4th year at Rutgers along with Ginny. Unlike Ginny however, I will not be graduating this year. The main reason being is that I'm a namakemono (lazy person), but there are other reasons too. My major (I think) is East Asian Language Studies with Japanese being my area of interest. Dunno what I'm going to do after college, but the JET program looks nice (if I can get in...). On an unrelated note, I'm the oldest and the only one aside from Ginny who can legally drink (not that that stops anyone).

Enough of the boring stuff, on to the more boring stuff. I'm a pretty boring guy. Seriously, I am. I like sports (particulary baseball, football, soccer, golf and tennis), both playing and observing them, but I haven't been in decent shape since HS (college makes you lazy) so I dunno if I can realistically compete in any of said sports at the moment. Golf is something I play purely for casual reasons...and it shows because I'm pretty bad at it. (It's fun though, and a lot harder than it looks...). Tennis is something I want to seriously learn, but never had the time to...maybe I will find the time to. I love baseball. The Yankees suck.

I also like to sleep, watch movies (any kind), read books (not as much as before though mainly because of time constraints) and eat. Yea, I'm pretty boring.

Anime has a special place for me in my heart, probably something that most of you didn't get into anime for...but whatever. Been watching it longer than any of the other officers, seen my fair share of stuff. I like just about everything. Some favorites of mine over the years have been Escaflowne, Ah! Megami-Sama, Kino no Tabi, Bebop, Kimagure Orange Road, Slayers, Azumanga Daioh, Rurouni Kenshin (only the first OVA), Hoshi no Koe, You're Under Arrest, amongst many other things which I can no longer remember.

Manga is fun to read too. Yotsubato!, Mahou Sensei Negima, Naruto, Suikoden III, XXXHolic are my current favs, Gunsmith Cats if my favorite.

Surprise, surprise, I like to game too. I play fighting games somewhat seriously, like GGXX #Reload, CvS 2, 3rd Strike. If anyone wants to play me and thinks they can beat me in said games, I welcome the challenge (but I doubt you'll beat me). I like a lot of other games too, but I don't feel like listing them...uh, I like Phantom Brave and stuff.

That's it for me. The other officers are more interesting than I am.

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